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November 08, 2006

Ten Second Tip: Unstick yourself

I'm a huge fan of what I call "mind jogs": tools that serve as 'hacks' to stimulate creative thinking and get me out of my rut. I even keep a folder full of them on my browser toolbar (like the online version of The Creative Whack Pack, a wiki with one guy's summaries of great books he's read and NOTCOT.org, a really visual site chock full of great, current design coolios).

Add to that the Concept Trigger from AdCracker. It's a (free) collection of illustrated quotes on branding and marketing collected from consumers all over the world, collated and Flash-i-fied by Steve McNamara, publisher of an interesting item called AdCracker CD.

Worth a spin if you find yourself stuck. (Via Colin Brands's Building Brands newsletter.)


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Great ideas Colleen.

You may find the book "Caffeine for the Creative Mind: 250 Exercises to Wake Up Your Brain." by Stefan Mumaw & Wendy Lee Oldfield a good unsticker too. It's a collection of short creative exercises to boost your brain and ideas. It available on Amazon.

Thanks, Calvin. Something tells me I ought to start a page of these links somewhere.

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