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March 04, 2013

Content Marketing = 17% Increase for Web Designer

When I did the free mentoring session with web designer, Jill Anderson, she had plenty of clients who had come through word of mouth, as is the case with so many people I talk to.

The problem, as she described to me in this week’s podcast interview, was this: “I was in overwhelm. I had a lot of work but it wasn’t quality work. I had time management problems and a stale web site with old content and samples. I was in the trenches going day to day from client to project and I wasn’t focusing on my business and where it needed to go. I needed someone to hold me accountable, a mentor to bounce ideas off and come up with a better way of doing it.”

That’s exactly the type of thing I help creative pros with. So Jill and I worked together for an hour every other week. And at the end of the year (as of February 2013), she had increased her business by a whopping 17%.

There are many reasons for that increase (download the case study for details), but we can certainly attribute it to the simple -- and interlocking -- content marketing tools we put in place, including:

  • Refined positioning: Jill Lynn Design specializes in web sites for “stylish” small businesses and solopreneurs, especially designers.
  • Packaged Pricing: 3 tiered packages of web site design tailored to her market.
  • Bait piece: Jill wrote “7 Stylish & Sure-fire Ways To Get Your Website Noticed and Engage Your Ideal Clients,” a tip sheet she gives away to anyone who signs up for her email newsletter.
  • Monthly Email Newsletter: She sends it out on the 3rd Thursday of every month.
  • Blog: She writes a monthly post that she links to in her email newsletter.
  • Social media: Says Jill, “Now that I have content (blog and email newsletter), I can post them on social media to reinforce my positioning. I do that more now because I have content.”

This is a simple marketing plan that can work well for almost any creative professional. Download the case study and/or read more on the blog about how Jill uses these tools.

Of course, you are welcome to sign up for the free session with me if you want to talk about how I can help.

And come meet Jill at CFC: The Business Conference for the Creatively Self Employed. The event is June 22-24 and early bird deadline is next Friday, March 15. Get an extra $50 off with the promo code: “ILISE” Hope to see you in San Francisco!


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